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After my recent ‘move’ to London it comes naturally to me that moving away from home and getting my own space will be one of the next phases of my life. I feel more ready than ever to take the step and I can’t stop looking at interior pictures on Tumlr and browsing all the interior stores I can find. I know that when you are 20 years old and decide to move away from home the budget is quite tight – but you can still dream right?

One of my biggest dreams has always been to get a bathtub in my home. Ever since my family and I moved from a tiny apartment to our current house this has been something that I have wanted (which clearly isn’t achievable as many Copenhagen apartments don’t even contain a proper shower) as our apartment had a bathtub. I was devastated to leave that bathtub behind (I was five years old at the time). Other than a bathtub a huge bookshelf has also been on my wish list for my upcoming apartment for a long time. It would be amazing to actually have an overview of the books that I own and I think I would read much more books then (a soft armchair would definitely also play a role when it comes to making me read more books!).

I am also madly in love with everything velvet at the moment (at least when it comes to home stuff). I would love to have a velvet sofa. Not necessarily a pink one (as the one pictured above) but maybe a dark grey or blue would be nice? But I must admit that a pink sofa would be great to get some color in there too which is another priority of mine.

Last but not least I dream of high ceilings and big windows that allow a lot of light into the apartment. Light is probably my number one priority mainly because of my huge obsession with cactuses but also for a million other reasons that I just can’t explain. Everything just looks more beautiful in lots of sunlight.


I have felt a bit empty on inspiration lately, but you know what always safes me? Tumblr. These pictures inspire me a lot. They are very simple and minimalistic, but there is still something very interesting and fascinating about them.
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Jeg er stor fan af Wood Woods kollektioner, og denne gang var ingen undtagelse. Jeg er sindsygt forelsket i alle rullekraverne og de oversized frakker. Tonerne var holdt i grå, brun, mørkeblå, gul og vinrød. Meget efterårs- og vinteragtige farver. 
I’m a big fan of all Wood Woods collections, and this one was no exclusion. I’m crazy in love with all the turtlenecks and the oversized coats. The colors was kept in grey, brown, dark blue, yellow and wine red. Very autumn-winter-like colors.  

Kollektionen var inspireret af 50ernes krigsfilm, bjergklatreres udstyr og street fashion, så tøjet både har traditionelle og moderne elementer. Showet foregik i en kæmpe hal på Refshaleøen, under røde, orange, lilla og beige klatrevægge og Kenton Slash Demons beats.Tjek videoen ud, som tager dig med backstage, hvor du kan høre Karl Oskar fortælle om kollektionen. Du kan også se mere på #Sproutsdk. 
The collection was inspired by the 50s war films, mountain climbers equipment and street fashion, so the clothes have both traditional and modern elements. The show took place in a huge hall at Refshaleøen, in red, orange, purple and beige climbing walls and Kenton Slash Demon beats. Check out the video, which takes you backstage where you can hear Karl Oskar talk about the collection. You can also see more on #Sproutsdk.


What I wanna wear

What I wanna wear by katrine-berner-carlsen featuring a red purse

Så har jeg da lige fået bikset et alt for lækkert outfit sammen til jer. Jeg elsker mikset af den hyggelige sweater og de mere sporty sneakers. Jeg synes bestemt, at tasken tilfører noget helt særligt til outfittet, da den bryder med det mere enkle og minimalistiske look og pifter det op med den kraftige røde farve. Hvad synes I om det? Kys